Frequently asked questions

➥ Is the fee for the documentation compulsory?

   Yes, the created documentation, namely plates and drilling scheme, is necessary to start production of the PCBs. It is a one-time fee.

➥ In what format should the files for production be provided?

    We require files in the GERBER format and drilling in the EXCELLON format. Every program intended for designing PCBs is able to generate them.

➥ What solder mask colors are available?

    We offer masks in the following colors: green, black, blue, red, yellow and white. White solder mask is dedicated for LED applications. It is a well hiding mask and not becoming yellow in the soldering process.

➥ What is the maximum size of a board?

The largest board which can be manufactured is 585x310 mm.
płytki drukowane
płytki drukowane

➥ Will the boards be in accordance with the RoHS directive?

    Yes, all our products are compliant with the RoHS directive.

➥ What is the standard time for processing the order?

   The standard time for processing the order is 10-15 business days. Express deadlines are available after prior agreement.

➥ How are the boards delivered to the client?

   The boards are sent by the courier company DPD. Personal collection is also possible in the headquarters of our company.

➥ How can I pay for the ordered circuits?

   For the first orders, the payment method for the boards is cash on delivery. For subsequent orders, it is possible to switch to an invoice with a 14-day payment term.