About Us

 LASKAR company can boast an almost 30-year experience. Since the beginning, it has been engaged in manufacturing PCBs for electronic equipment. After seven years of intensive development, we have moved to a new headquarters, which is our property, in Pruszków at ul. Przejazdowa 31.

 During our long-term activity, we have continuously expanded our machinery, acquiring more and more modern devices. For many years, we have produced both single-sided PCBs as well as double-sided circuits with plating of holes

 An important element in our operations is concern for natural environment. Our production line cooperates in a closed cycle with the device for regeneration of the pickling solution. This allows complete recovery of copper from the pickling solution and from washing water. The only waste is copper obtained electrolytically.

 Due to continuous attention to quality, timeliness of supplies and competitive prices, we can enjoy many client's recognition both in Poland and abroad.

firma Laskar