Printed circuit boards
May 2019

   We have expanded our offer with printed circuits boards made with 105µm copper layer.

October 2018

   We have added a new section to our website - Preparing a design. We invite you to read it.

July 2018

   We have introduced the option to process orders in express time - 5 business days. An additional charge of 50% is added to the price of such an order.

September 2017

    We have introduced two new solder mask colors in photo technology to our offer: red and blue. From now on, all available mask colors can be created in this technology.

March 2017

   Launching two modern milling machines. Thanks to these machines, we have improved the accuracy of milling and accelerated this process.

June 2016

   Modernization of the technological process, allowing us to increase the maximum scale of boards which we manufacture. Now it equals 585x310 mm.

January 2016

    New, refreshed website. We added a new section: "Questions and Answers;. We invite you to read it.

May 2015

   We offer a new black solder-mask in photo technology. This technology is applied to boards with the smallest raster of elements.

November 2013

   Adding a numerically controlled v-cutting machine to the machinery park. Thanks to this machine we have improved the precision of v-cutting.

May 2013

   Launching an additional 4-spindle drilling machine

March 2012

   We now offer a new, white solder-mask, dedicated specially for LED applications. The obtained coating is snow white and non-transparent. In addition, this paint does not change color during processing in high temperatures.

July 2011

    Modernization of the HASL device. Thanks to which the maximum board size that can be manufactured has been increased to 530 x 310mm